We are Andy and Betsy Boone, happy farmers in Lorimor, Iowa. After meeting and marrying in Nevada City, California, we dreamed of having a farm where we could raise our family along with our own high quality, thoughtful food. Our days centered on a progressive food culture and quality of life. We lived and worked together on produce farms while Andy worked solo for both a raw cow and a raw goat dairy.  His passion for animal husbandry and intensive pasture management began! We raised our own meat and produce and knew we had never lived so abundantly in all our lives.

With this desire strong in our hearts, we looked towards Iowa. Iowa offered a promise of affordable living, green grass, and family support. We took a chance, moved our little family and began the dream.

We found our acreage with enough property to continue raising small meat animals like we did in California and quickly started building our flock of sheep and upped our pig production. We began milking La Mancha goats for our family and because Andy enjoys working with dairy animals. We love raw milk!

We take care to personally raise all our animals with humane practices. We believe ruminant animals were only meant to eat grass, naturally grazing in the open. We feed the pigs with quality, organic, soy-free feed. Andy has been experimenting with DYI fodder (trays of grass) systems for all the animals in hopes of having fresh grass  to eat year-round. So far, the pigs are receiving the greatest benefit.

We are passionate about raising nutrient-dense food for our family and our community.  This spring we’ll cultivate our home garden of nutritive produce and medicinal herbs. This should keep the whole family plenty busy when we’re not working off-property and attending the farmers market. We love teaching our kids the value of growing our own food and being good stewards of our animals and the environment. We are Fat Pasture Farm!