Fat Pasture Farm is a small scale family farm raising small batches of pastured meat. We believe in growing nutrient dense food that is raised with humane stewardship of our animals and resilience of our land. We raise small batches of 100% grass fed lamb and goat using rotational grazing and a fodder system during winter. Pigs and chickens are also pastured and fed soy-free certified organic feed

All food is not created equal. Whatever inputs go into feeding our animals directly impacts the nutrients we desire for our family. Pesticide and herbicide free food is our foremost goal (no GMO) but we also care to put quality fats and vibrant, vitamin rich food on our table.

Vibrant food comes down to the health and well being of our animals. All our animals have access to living pasture all day and a clean, dry barn at night (over Winter). No hormones, antibiotics, or vaccines are ever administered. Probiotics and medicinal herbs may be used to help maintain optimal health. 

Pasture management is important for the animals as well. Using rotational grazing, we can ensure the animals have fresh feed and help the spread of manure. This slows down parasite activity and naturally fertilizes the soil to encourage microbial balance and keep the grass coming back strong.